51NF90GBFQL__SX295_BO1,204,203,200_The Underwear Tree by Kim McDermott available at This delightful chapter book for elementary age kids chronicles the antics of Kelly (the older sister, 5th grade) and her irrepressible sister Jules (5 years old). When Jules decides to runaway and live in a tree, Kelly is mortified to have her sister’s underwear hanging from branches where everyone can see! This is a family read aloud. Fun for everyone!

“. . .Fun and well written . . .you’ve perfectly captured the relationship between older and younger siblings.”                               Linda Murray, Senior EditorTroll Communications

“I loved your book! I laughed out loud. Have you ever thought that maybe it’s a book for adults rather than children? There’s something about the voice of the narrator that makes me think of books like Run with the Horsemen . . .Funny, funny books about childhood but written for adults. Just a thought.” Fran Hawk, author




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Les Petits Gardes available at When the school children paint the fire hydrants like British soldiers to celebrate Charleston’s 300th birthday, they come to life! Meet Maurice who gives a brief history of the hydrants and firefighting. There’s a map in the back to find the hydrants that are still in Charleston.



Daphne du Maurier Award Winner !

Hiding by Katherine McDermott available at   Award-winning suspense thriller set in exciting Paris. Teresa flees America to escape an abusive boyfriend, Alex. She meets handsome, compassionate, and brave, Serge Gervais, a young Frenchman, who slowly wins her trust. But Alex tracks her down and forces her into the catacombs. Will Serge find Teresa in time to prevent Alex’s vengeance?


Theirs is a true love story!

Abbey’s Tale – A blind woman and a scarred Union Civil War veteran who immigrated from Ireland both have handicaps to surmount. With courage and faith, they find true and lasting love. “Better are two than one, for if one falls, the other can help him up.” Inspirational, sweet romance!





The S.C. Lighthouses by Margie Clary and Kim McDermott available at  Also available as an e-book. Non-fiction with fantastic photographs, this books tells the history of all the state’s lighthouses, lighthouse keepers, and some dramatic rescues.