Sale on Abbey’s Tale $2.99

Great reviews on Reading Alley, Goodreads, and Amazon, this historical romance will be on sale until May 24th. at


An immigrant from Ireland, Jeremy McKetcheon agrees to take the place of a wealthy New Englander drafted into the Civil War, Jeremy suffers a disfiguring injury when an enemy shell set his tent on fire and one side of his face is terribly burned. After the war, he becomes a reclusive lighthouse keeper on an island off the coast of Maine. He fears he will never find acceptance, inclusion, and love.

Abbey Morrison has been blind since birth, but she “sees” the world through the intricate carvings her father, who delivers mail and supplies, brings home from Lighthouse Island. She wonders about the artist who secrets himself away from others. She convinces her father to let her meet him. When they are caught in a raging storm, Jeremy sees their distress from the parapet and attempts to rescue them. What happens will change all their lives forever.



Abbey could tell the day was dying, the sunlight ebbing. The air had grown chillier. Her fingers, nose, and toes were numb. She rubbed and moved and massaged them. How she dreaded another night among the boulders. Her stomach was so empty that it churned endless and cramped painfully.

She shook snow off her cape and curled up under it again. After a while, she slept.

She awoke to the howling of wolves. This time they were much closer. Her fingers wrapped around the club.

She heard growling and imagined their fierce teeth. She’d heard stories of wolves surrounding a big bull moose and bringing it down, tearing open its neck. The silver timber wolves were large brutes with little fear of humans. Abigail tensed remaining perfectly still as she heard and smelled their approach. A branch snapped. She jumped involuntarily.

I can’t spend another night here.



Theirs is a true love story!

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