Jeremy McKetcheon

Characters do have a way of coming alive on their own when you’re writing. You think you create them, and then they start taking on their own personas. Tomorrow Aug. 31, 2016, an author friend, Anna, is doing a blog about the hero of Abbey’s Tale, the historical romance coming out soon.

The direct link is  If you enjoy meeting Jeremy, keep posted. We should have a launch date before too long.AbbeysTale_w11128_med

Tania de la Canatera by Suzy McCall




I believe this is one of the most important books on social issues written for Christians in our time. Just like Uncle Tom’s Cabin awakened Christians to the horrors of slavery, Tania de la Canatera this novel opens our eyes to conditions for many in Honduras. In case, like me, your Spanish is minimal, the title translate The Song of Tania. For over 25 years, the author, Suzy McCall, has been part of mission work in Honduras, first with S.A.M.S. (South American Missions) and later being instrumental in L.A.M.B establishing a home for children who lived on the streets of the capital of Hondorus, providing small business loans to women so they can find ways to feed their families, and taking care of God’s littlest lambs.

Suzy grew up in Barnwell, S.C., majored in English at the College of Charleston, and worked in Christian education at St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church. But when she volunteered on mission trips, she felt God calling her into that field full-time. She spent a year preparting, learning Spanish, and readying herself for that work. Over the many years, she has served, other churches from South Carolina and else where have sent teams to build classrooms and cottages, teach VBS, and sometimes hold babies and play with the children. It has only been recently by the grace of God that a well was built and water was found on their property. For decades they have had to bring in bottled water and shower infrequently in cold, untreated “agua.”

Tania de la Cantera is fiction, but it is based on many true situations experienced by women and children in this proverty stricken country plagued by drugs, gangs, and sex-trafficking. It opens our eyes to a harsh reality. Suzy, who has never married, has personally adopted five girls, who have flourished and followed the Lord. Her book is available at  and Amazon. Read it and see how God is doing mighty things in Honduras.


Blog – Cover Reveal!

Getting the cover from the publisher is always exciting. It’s like the ultrasound of the baby about to be born, in this case Abbey’s Tale. Everyone who knows me, will tell you I love lighthouses, shells, swimming, and most things nautical. So when I saw the finished cover, I was so pleased and very thankful to Kim Mendoza the designer.



Tweet Your Book

Twitter provides an excellent way to get your book out before the public. But if you’ve never been on twitter or written a tweet, here are a few tips.

1. Project a professional image by careful selection of your handle
(twitter name), your photo and your biography. Keep the handle short but not silly. Some writers might use their first and last name followed by author or an abbreviation like bks. for books. I used a photo of myself taken at one of my launch parties at a friend’s house. I’m sitting on a nice sofa and holding a copy of my first romantic suspense novel Hiding. In a brief bio, I included my education, past jobs related to writing, and a list of my published
works. Also, include some personal likes and/or dislikes, hobbies,
favorite foods, pets etc. that give the reader a peak at your personality.

2. 140 characters and hash tags: Remember when you finished that first manuscript and were then asked to give a synopsis in 500 words or less? Now think even shorter. Now you’re counting letters. Tweets are short. Make sure your title and the website where readers can order your book are included. Use photos of your cover or perhaps the beach with the words: Looking for a great summer read to attract attention. I didn’t even know what a hash tag was when I started, but they are short words or initials
that alert readers looking for certain topics. #romance #suspense
or in the case of my publisher #TWRP is short for The Wild Rose Press.

3. Build followers by following others with similar interests such as other authors or other readers. Thank those who follow you and retweet their tweets. And don’t spam your followers by constantly hawking your lastest book. Use some tweets to put out neat quotations or to praise others or to start discussions.

Now visit and get started.

Les Petits Gardes fire hydrants of Charleston, S.C. come to life when they are painted by the school children. They tell the story of the Fire Department in helping topreserve the beautiful historical buildings and show antique fire engines. Maurice, the French Hugenot hydrant is slightly jealous of Beauregard who earns kisses from the little girls. This delightful children’s book includes a map at the back for those who visit Charleston to find the hydrants.

The Underwear Tree

The first book I wrote was this zany children’s chapter book aimed at elementary age girls.It is the story of Jules and Kelly, two sisters, their adventures and sibling rivalries reminiscent of the Fudge and Superfudge books about two brothers. Fun and comical, kids laugh out even over the title. It’s available at , a great read tostart the school year.