Book Review Bloggers

Authors, reviews by bloggers are a wonderful way to expose your book to a variety of readers. You send them a free copy of your e-book or paperback depending on the blogger. In return, they work you into their book blog schedule. These reviewers can be very specific in the types of books they accept such as: which takes a variety
of Christian fiction and non-fiction books. Others may only blog about romance or suspense or historical novels. You can google bloggers of your
particular genre.

Here are a few below, you might want to visit.
Miss Bookworm Reviews@AbbeyLous20
Candy Hart Bookcase
Best Chick
Emma Louise
Portobello Bookblog
Chocolate pages
Rebecca Raisin
Read Rant Review
Rhonda Baxter
Paris Baker’s
Book Nook
Jenny Bee’s Book Blog
Ajbook review club
Bookaholic Confession
Victoria Loves Books
Fairy Tale Ending
Tishylou’s World

There are many others, just find your niche and contact the blogger!

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